Pub 10

10. Cheung TH, Kwan YL, Hamady M, Liu X. (2006). Unraveling transcriptional control and cis-regulatory codes using the software suite GeneACT. Genome Biol. 2006;7(10):R97. [expand title=”Abstract”]
Deciphering gene regulatory networks requires the systematic identification of functional cis-acting regulatory elements. We present a suite of web-based bioinformatics tools, called GeneACT http://promoter.colorado.edu, that can rapidly detect evolutionarily conserved transcription factor binding sites or microRNA target sites that are either unique or over-represented in differentially expressed genes from DNA microarray data. GeneACT provides graphic visualization and extraction of common regulatory sequence elements in the promoters and 3′-untranslated regions that are conserved across multiple mammalian species.